In these months in Italy (Modena, Firenze e Napoli), Poland (Oswiecim) and Portugal (Braga and Figueira da Foz) artistic workshop took place.

In the course of the activities young people learned specific artistic techniques that helped them to realize in their countries and cities an artistic product (graffiti, booklet on the history of Roma people, theatre, short animated film…) with an antidiscrimination message useful to preserve the memory of the holocaust of Sinti and Roma minorities in Europe.

During the activities, groups of young people were accompanied by eminent trainers expert in each specific discipline (art director, actor, painter, graffiti artist, artist, cartoonist, filmmaker, writer etc...) to assure quality to the artistic product and more involvement of the young people.

The workshop activities in the 3 countries involved more than 100 Roma and non-Roma students and adolescents in total, students, young people and members of the young leaders’ groups.

The 6 workshops led to the realization of:

  • 3 mural paintings (in Modena, Braga and Figueira Da Foz);
  • 1 theatrical performance realised by the group of Florence and based on the narration of some objects particularly significant for the history of Roma and Sinti;
  • 1 animated short film called "Rukeli" realised by the Naples group on the story of the boxer Johann Trollman;
  • 1 child-friendly booklet in Polish on the history of the Roma people in Poland.

All the materials produced will soon be available in a dedicated area of this website.

artistic workshop