In many European countries, at least one in two harbors feelings of hatred towards Sinti and Roma (Pew Research Center, 2019).

Antigypsyism is the most widespread form of racism towards these communities and feeds on stereotypes and prejudices built over the centuries and strengthened during Nazism and fascism. Hatred still affects Roma and Sinti who live in the present, although their history has always been deeply connected with the history of Europe. Knowing their history means showing their contribution to the construction of European cultural heritage.

Let's break down stereotypes and prejudices TOGETHER!

This campaign, available in English, Portuguese, Polish and Italian, is part of the awareness actions promoted by the European project TRACER - Transformative Roma Art and Culture for European Remembrance - which involves young Roma, Sinti and non-Roma people in Italy, Portugal and Poland.

Sign up and help us to spread and increase knowledge about the genocide suffered by this population during Nazi-fascism and explore its history through art!

Informative campaign in English

Informative campaign in Portuguese

Informative campaign in Polish

Informative campaign in Italian